Project Management

Since inception, Speedum Technologies have been offering exceptional Project Management services and have earned the reputation of being consistent in managing projects successfully and effectively. Our managers deliver proven guidelines, processes and techniques that ensure timely completion of projects within budget. From better efficiency, higher flexibility, mitigated risks, improved quality to gaining a competitive edge over others, our services adds value to your organisation and ensures complete alignment of your IT initiatives with your business goals.

Our Approach towards Project Management

Our team is well versed with proven project management techniques and toolsand follow a structured approach for managing and tracking projects. Various project stages through which we assist you are:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Control
  • Closure

From initiation stage to project closure, we help you identify requirement gaps, allocate staff, delegate tasks and solve issues. We ensure that resource coordination is maintained and proper processes are in place to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Integration Management

  • We help you plan the project activities and resources before the project starts. This helps in better understanding of roles and responsibilities and enables us to foresee challenges and plan for an appropriate action plan ahead of time.
  • We constantly monitor the project execution to ensure its adherence with the planned activities and take corrective actions, wherever required.
  • We devise appropriate processes and plans in event on changes and evaluate their impact on project deliverables, timelines and costs.

Scope Management

  1. Our managers invest time to understand and evaluate all the tasks and activities required for successful project outcome. All the project requirements are assessed carefully and final deliverables are defined.
  2. During the entire project lifecycle, the scope of project is constantly monitored and changes are analysed to ensure alignment with the expected deliverables.

Time Management

  1. Defining expected time for the activities and processes
  2. Creating a sequential order in which activities should be performed
  3. Developing a schedule and tracking that the activities are undertaken and completed as per the schedule

Cost Management

  1. Cost Estimation and budgeting
  2. Our managers ensure that the project is delivered in time with in the expected costs and suggest corrective actions, wherever required
  3. Evaluating the original cost plan periodically to check errors or misevaluation
  4. Effect of unforeseen events or contingencies on overall projects costs

Quality Management

  1. Cost Estimation and budgeting
  2. Ensuring that appropriate processes and checks required to make quality delivery are in place
  3. Constant evaluationof project outcome for desired quality standards throughout the project

Human Resource Management

  1. Identifying the human resource requirement for the project
  2. Ensuring that the required resources are available
  3. Delegation of roles and duties
  4. Development of team for successful project completion

Communication Management

  1. Identifying all the stakeholders and planning communication needs
  2. Developing framework for information distribution
  3. Creating and sharing weekly reports with appropriate members
  4. Ensuring complete coordination during project closure

Procurement Management

  1. Determination of type and quantity of resources to be procured
  2. Laying down processes and procedures to be followed for resource procurement
  3. Procedure for intra company resource requisitions
  4. Assisting in supplier selection and guidance on contracts and negotiations
  5. Monitoring hassle free discharge of contract

Risk Management

  1. Identification and communication of possible risks at an early stage of the project
  2. Devise rational strategy for better decision making and risk minimisation
  3. Procedure for intra company resource requisitions
  4. Understanding and prioritisation of prevalent risks
  5. Suggesting and implementing responsive actions

At Speedum Technologies, we act as your extended project execution arm wherein we focus on your strategic business goals and ensure that desired outcome is achieved. From a well-crafted strategy to a well-executed plan, our team constantly strive to achieve success and growth for your business.

To know more about our Project Management Services and how we can help you maximise development efficiency, get in touch with our Project Management Specialists.